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by Christian Mower on And Accessories Xs Best For Xs Iphone Max Older The 0PzCqPAn investigation into the use of a fake ID in Wolfeboro resulted in several drug arrests. According to Wolfeboro Police around 9:45 Friday night two officers stopped a group of four men who were said to have attempted to use a fake ID to purchase alcohol at a local restaurant on North Main Street and Lake Street (109-North).

During the investigation Captain Rondeau and Officer Peter Llewelyn of the Wolfeboro police asked to search the vehicle and upon inspection out in plain view was a mason jar containing marijuana and a marijuana grinder. In a subsequent search of the boys backpacks they found a “goodly amount of marijuana”, several other grinders containing marijuana, Baggies of marijuana, rolling papers, marijuana pipes with marijuana residue inside. They also found a glass bong containing several hundred dollars of Butane Honey Oil.

Butane Honey Oil or BHO is also known as dabs and is an extremely concentrated form of Marijuana, upwards of twenty times more potent than regular Marijuana. BHO is made from butane (lighter fluid) and raw marijuana. Once manufactured, the extract end product resembles that of melted peanut butter brittle.

Three of the young men face several charges, which include Possession of Marijuana, Possession of False Identification, and Person Misrepresenting Age (attempt to purchase Alcohol with a false ID). They were all released on bail. A fourth male who was a minor, and was found impaired, was taken into protective custody and later turned over to an “loco parentis” adult serving in place of his parents at the time. Additional charges may be forthcoming.

According to Captain Rondeau, “BHO represents a new danger in our community.” “With an ever increasing supply of Marijuana, drug users, not satisfied with the effects of marijuana, are seeking new ways to increase its potency and impact. BHO, new to the drug culture here, is a real threat in that it is very potent and a novice user of Marijuana may find its affects too strong to handle. The real danger here comes from the driving while impaired aspect of this drug-it’s not legal, and any time we get a chance to get this off the street and out of the hands of a potentially impaired driver, or soon to be impaired driver-it’s a good thing!”

Additionally Captain Rondeau offered “…I would like to thank the NHTSA and the New Hampshire Highway Safety Agency for making the DWI interdiction grant and other Highway Safety grants available this year. These programs or so very important to us, and they help the Wolfeboro Police Department, and other Lakes Region Police Departments keep their respective communities safe by putting more Police Patrols out onto our busy summertime streets and highways. These grants go a long way in helping to drive down DWI incidents, traffic crashes, and speeding issues; all while helping to maintain the safety and security of our National Highways and Town roadways-thereby making everyone a bit safer while they enjoy the beauty which is New Hampshire.” Captain Rondeau added “I would like everyone to know that there are many more DWI and speed enforcement patrols scheduled this year along with a goodly number pedestrian safety patrols added. All are encouraged to take notice and act accordingly, if you plan to drink and drive, please designate a non-drinking driver, we thank-you, and your family thanks you!”

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Fox13 Video Video Fox13 wwnxEaSBFq Fox13 Video Video Fox13 wwnxEaSBFq
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