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Uc Confidential Berkeley Bg College Hashtag rzaPq1

Hashtag Bg Confidential College Uc Berkeley Bogus driver licenses sent around the world
Posted: 8:54 PM, Mar 13, 2017
Updated: 2:08 AM, Mar 14, 2017

Pasco County detectives busted a major fake ID ring that sent bogus driver licenses around the world.

The suspects posted videos on YouTube, kik and Instagram showing off fake drivers licenses.

Uc College Bg Hashtag Confidential Berkeley

Investigators said it’s just some of the ways Michael Morales marketed his fake IDs to the world.

Berkeley Confidential Hashtag Bg Uc College They said he considered himself a businessman, offering sales and even Black Friday specials.

“Clearly his marketing was aimed at a younger market, the under-21 market, is what it appears to be. However there no vetting process,” Pasco County detective Wayne Mulder.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco said there are concerns buyers used the fake drivers licenses to commit ID theft, bank fraud, or get into the US illegally.

“When they are going to UAE, when they are going to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Japan, there’s something much bigger. We know this is not just to get in an adult establishment,” said Nocco.

Investigators said Morales and his girlfriend Angelica Bianco made the IDs out of their Port Richey home using a variety equipmen including printers, lap tops, and photo editing software.

They printed the drivers licenses on blank cards, even adding the holograms.

They touted the magnetic strip would work too.

Tax Collector Mike Fasano, who overseas drivers licenses in Pasco County, said it’s disturbing to know how real these looked.

“Its wild to know that this guy who had a legitimate business and was very open about it, selling drivers licenses like they are selling candy on a street corner. It’s scary to know that was happening.”

Bg College Berkeley Confidential Uc Hashtag Deputies arrested the couple in 2015 for making fake IDs, but said they went right back to work while out on probation, even expanding the business.

Bg Uc College Hashtag Berkeley Confidential Investigators said they made about a 1000 licenses last year, selling for about $135 each.

In the arrest report, Morales lists his occupation as graphic design.

Morales and Bianco are facing charges for racketeering and money laundering.



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