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Posted: 10:19 PM, Nov 20, 2017
Updated: 1:06 PM, Nov 21, 2017
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A 19-year-old is facing charges after Port Authority Police said he used a fake ID to buy beers at the airport, called the bartenders inappropriate names, pulled out his GoPro camera to record them, and caused a scene in front of travelers.

Kevin Lovett is from Maumee, Ohio. He was arrested Saturday at Southwest Florida International Airport and charged with disorderly intoxication and use of a fraudulent ID.

Workers at the airport told Four in Your Corner the situation "wasn't pretty," and watched as officers walked Lovett through the airport in handcuffs as he was screaming.

Bruce Goliath Surveillance The Schneier Ba And Hidden Data Lovett's arrest report says he was at Casa Bacardi drinking a couple beers when staff started to notice he was getting out of hand, so they cut him off. Police said that made him angry, so they kicked him out of the bar.

The report says he walked across the way to Palm City Market and tried to buy a drink there, but was told no again. Lovett reportedly pulled out his GoPro camera, started videoing staff and called them inappropriate names. The report says this caused a disturbance to other travelers.

"The GoPro is to have evidence, I guess. Who knows," Mike Shriner from Ohio said.

"I'd smack him! Young punk!" Lynn Rasko, also from Ohio, said.

Police arrived and said when Lovett gave them his ID, it was fake. It said he was 24, when he is actually 19.

Ba And Bruce Hidden Schneier Surveillance Goliath The Data Shriner is from the same area as Lovett and was grabbing a drink at an airport bar before his flight. When he saw Lovett's address in his arrest report, he said the area is known for college students using fake IDs.

"Left and right. Left and right. You can never trust an ID in the Toledo area," Shriner said.

Four in Your Corner reached out Lovett by phone and on Facebook. We haven't heard back yet.

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